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General Information for Businesses and Individuals Considering Sponsoring AVP

Form for Advertisers/Sponsors

What kind of theater is AVP? Annisquam Village Players (AVP) is one of the country’s oldest continuously-operating community theaters. AVP produces one musical each summer featuring a cast of over 60 performers, ranging in age from 5 to 85.

How large is the AVP audience? Our hall seats 180. This year, we have seven performances and historically, about half of them will sell out. The rest come close. We expect over 1,100 audience members will see our production of Mamma Mia this summer.

What kind of program is it? The program, which is professionally published, has a glossy color front and back cover, with high resolution black and white text and images on the inside pages.

How much does a sponsorship in our program cost?

  • Presenting Sponsorship –includes full-page ad, name of business on the front of program, a public thank you to the business given by the director to the audience at the beginning of each performance, 2 reserved tickets to the show, and the business’s name, logo, and a link to its website on the AVP website throughout the summer and fall. $500
  • Back outside cover: glossy color image 7.75” length by 4.5” width – $350.00
  • Back inside cover: glossy B+W image 7.75” length by 4.5” width – $300.00
  • Front inside cover: glossy B+W image 7.75” length by 4.5” width – $300.00
  • Full page ad 7.75” length by 4.5” width – $150.00
  • Half page ad 3.74” by 4.5” – $75.00
  • Business Card ad 2.0” by 3.5” – $35.00
  • Message to the Cast/Crew for $20.00 (30 words or fewer)

What do I need to do to place a sponsorship? Fill out this form and either email it to Keith McCarthy at or you can give it to a cast or crew member of AVP along with a check (payable to “AVP”). If you are just sending a message, you can use the form to write the message. For all other ads, once you have submitted the form, you can email the camera-ready ad itself to Keith McCarthy at

For questions contact Keith McCarthy at