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This summer the AVP stage will be transformed into an outside medical laboratory in the schoolyard adjacent to the Village Hall.  The AVP will be producing a musical comedy which was written by our beloved co-director Mary Curtis, in 1979, and produced twice with great critical acclaim in Dover, MA where Mary formerly lived and was director of their community theater. 

Recently, we lost our beloved Mary. Our show this year is in tribute to Mary and all that she stood for in our little community of Annisquam.  Mary was extremely excited and honored that we were going to be performing her show this year.  Over the last two months she worked closely with her close friend and AVP co-Director, Terry Sands, on how the rehearsals shall go and the show itself.  Mary had much input in to what you will see this summer in Nothing to Hyde.  

Mary has been Co-Director of the AVP since 1991.  Before that she performed in several productions in Dover, MA, where she served as their Community Theater Director for over 10 years.  She was a member of the Chorus Pro Musica, where she sang with the Boston Symphony Orchestra at Tanglewood and in Symphony Hall.  She wrote music for the Vincent Club of Boston.  She co-wrote two musicals, successfully produced in local theater.  Mary has published 17 novels and is a member of The Authors Guild and the Dramatists Guild. 

The music was written by Tony Hutchins, a friend of Mary’s who had written music for off-Broadway theater.  Nothing To Hyde, is a musical loosely based on the Robert Louis Stevenson 1886 novella Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but unlike the original novella, the musical is a comedy which takes place in Annisquam, when the great-grandson of the infamous Dr. Jekyll, who works in Boston, moves to the suburbs, and sets up a laboratory in his house.  He finds the chemical formula which his great-grandfather formulated to create Mr. Hyde, and he tries it with hysterical results.  The show delves into the issues of good and evil, and the id, the ego, and the superego, or conscience which exists in all humans.  And, of course, there will be clever songs and choreography to entertain the Annisquam community.  The show opens with a song, “Welcome to Annisquam.”

Join us on Wednesday, August 11, through Saturday, August 14, 7:30pm, (rain dates August 15 & 16) as the Annisquam Village Players entertain us outside in the schoolyard.  You will certainly see some familiar faces!

Tickets are $35 and are only sold online, in advance, starting on July 22. We expect the show to sell out quickly, as we are only allowed a limited audience outside- about half of what we normally have.  We have two ‘Community Sponsor’ levels, which will allow you to *reserve one or two tickets in advance, as well as support the AVP with a little more than the ticket price (our expenses are higher this year due to the challenges of an outdoor production). 

We look forward to bringing you this fun performance this year!

  • Watch out Annisquam, Mr. Hyde is coming!