Sis Loves Me – Something Fresh for Adults (18+)

There’s no dirtier fetish than the “oh boy I sure gotta fuck, my stepsister, one,” that’s for sure. It’s weird, but it’s perfectly understandable. She’s your family, but at the same time, she isn’t. It’s so wrong, but you know it would feel so right on your dick, so you just have to go and do it. Few people get the opportunity to fuck their actual stepsister in real life, though, and if you have a stepsister, you most likely won’t be able to do that either, so the next best thing to is to enjoy the videos from SisLovesMe!

Sis Loves Me Series Trailer:

In this video Serena Santos is a mischievous girl, so when the family goes on vacation in the Keys, she makes a plan to seduce her stepbrother. She gets him to drive her around town, flashing him the whole time. That gets his blood boiling nice and hot! Later, the poor guy is not feeling too good. Serena wants to nurse him back to health, so she sneaks under the covers and gives him a loving blowjob. A couple days later on the beach, Serenas stepbrother cannot stop thinking about what they did together the other day. She feels the same way, so they make their way back to the hotel room and get into some hot step sibling sexcapades. Fucking in the Keys sure looks fun!

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