The reviews are in! The Eastern Massachusetts Association of Community Theaters (EMACT) sent two reviewers to AVP’s Summer 2017 production of “Singin’ In The Rain,” and here’s what they had to say:

AVP continues its long tradition of sourcing its performers locally and always places a premium on involving all generations of families both onstage and off. The reviewers recognized this and noted our production as being “extremely family friendly” and “very much tied to this close-knit community.”

Special kudos were given to the technical aspects of the show, particularly the film within the play, which one reviewer described as “professional quality,” and also the rain-making technique, which was both effective and efficient. The reviewers cited Directors Mary Curtis’s and Terry Sands’s “good use of limited space” and stated Hanna Anderson’s costume design was “one of the best elements of the production.” They remarked that the “special umbrellas [featuring the show’s logo] in the closing number were very effective.”

Of AVP’s stellar orchestra, one reviewer wrote, “The musicians were excellent. The music was powerful and beautiful. The balance between orchestra and actors was quite good. The ensemble/choral sound was full and sounded beautiful.”

The vocal coach and “Beautiful Girls” scenes were also acclaimed for both their singing and their movement.

Deej Viau’s choreography received special recognition with “the Grove girls number, the “Beautiful Girls” sequence, and particularly Cosmo’s “Make ‘Em Laugh” being recognized as stand-outs.

Victoria Fortune (Lina Lamont) was lauded as “fabulous” for her ability to hold her her character’s squeaky voice and grating personality throughout the show.

Lead Emily Whalen (Kathy Selden) was heralded as a “great dancer.”

Co-lead Andrew Murdock (Cosmo Brown) was singled out for having “enormous energy and his moments on stage were noteworthy.” The children’s scenes, always a highlight of an AVP production, were also praised.

Both Andrew Murdock and Ben Fuller (Don Lockwood) were described as “charming and talented.”

No, it’s not just you, even the experts agree that AVP continually produces high-quality community theater in a welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere!